{permanent hiatus for shipping and ot5 related stuff}

but still reads oc occasionally

beautiful duo; TVXQ!
I love this boy/cuddly thing/bear,

and did I mention how much I love his teeth like this ♥T____T isn't it just the cutest thing in the world? :))))))))

yunho the cutie :D

whom, over the years,has turn into a fucking hawt, and badass man with a sexy mole on the top left hand corner of his lips *__________*


andand he keeps a certain kitty at home.

Called jaejae.


yes, he bites if you're not his master and tries to take him by force. Beware >:D

Yunho feeds his kitty regularly too! ^______^

Okay no, that was just my ultim8 bias and OTP doing the stupid introduction to my life. Wait. I have NO LIFE :D I must spend the rest of my life in the Jung's mansion as a maid to yunho-sshi's kitty cause he's just that presh to him :3 (yunho you bastard. Made use of my love for you to benefit your darling jae huh? D:)

nyahh haha just kidding! 8D I'm a spazztastic yunjae fangirl(peeking into their room everyday to watch them make lovee~while sweeping the floor O_O'll) So, don't you dare*touch kitty jae* I know all of you want to do just that -,- Cause I'll come hunt you down till you won't even have a graveyard to bury your bones.I have a duty to fufil my employer's wish too..! :B yes, I'm sadistic. Deal with it.

I hope I haven't scared off anyone? :'( But seriously, I'm super nice and friendly *waves shyly*


Yunho: ''No one can snatch my joongie away from me. No one.''

Nae arasseo, my leader-sshi ♥
(난니꺼야, 넌내꺼야)



Someone to laugh, to cry, to miss, to love. Someone to watch your back when you fall and couldn't stand by yourself.Someone who listens to what you say, a friend when friends just aren't there for you.