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beautiful duo; TVXQ!
18 October 2013 @ 03:06 am
title: Intoxicated
pairings: Yunjae
rating: Pg13-Nc17(at later parts)
genre: angst, fluff, romance, highschool
length: 1/?
summary:  Jaejoong practically had to endure his entire school life admiring his gorgeous and well sought after crush at the sidelines. Yunho didn't know he had a pretty stalker in high school. He hasn't noticed him, till now.


It just hurts so much for him to even think about the amazing gorgeous man who he knows will never like him back. It was hell.Collapse )

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beautiful duo; TVXQ!
09 November 2012 @ 12:42 pm

I have nowhere to turn to. Everyday is like keeping a glimpse of hope knowing that it will be snuffed out by the end of the day. Knowing that you're somewhere on this part of this earth, but unattainable, untouchable, taboo. 

Everything of you belongs to me, remember that. No one can touch the memories we had in the past, not even the you now. You know something? I dreamt of you a few days ago. You were smiling in my direction, because I was laughing at something else. And in my dream, I still didn't dare to turn to face you, I was so afraid I couldn't back away from you anymore I feel like I might have lost my control then and there. I was about to burst in happiness when you were looking at my direction, I missed you so fucking much it even hurts in my dream.

The days we spent not acknowledging each other's presence are long gone, though I know we might not be together anymore. I just want you to know that I actually loved you. There's one point in time where I actually loved you more than anyone else in this world and you still don't know it. But no one should know about it because its wrong. You can't accept it, I can't accept and let's all live our life like its a lie. Besides, you yourself want to prove yourself wrong right? I wasn't worthy enough to stop you. I hope out paths will never cross in this way again. Maybe next time, but next time, it would be you chasing after me and not the other way round. You think waiting so many years for you is not torturous? I never expected myself to wait for a time where I could see you again, but when I did that day, I think I lost my ability to speak once again. I guess I'll never know the reason we stopped conversing since that day. Believe me, I tried asking you but since you've found someone else who you could trust, and I was thrown away like that...

Your glances weren't for me anymore. And maybe I was wrong. But which human doesn't make mistakes, so don't tell me you can't forgive me.‏

beautiful duo; TVXQ!
03 December 2011 @ 07:15 am
I admit it. I'm hopelessly shallow. I don't create lists of what I want for Christmas because ever since the age of eleven, I noticed that they don't end. But still, I'm excited for it since its the spirit of giving and more importantly a renewable of Christ's faith in our hearts. 

I shall just buy whatever I need and save everything else for my education fund in the near future. Since I'm gonna just suck up my parents' saving for the same purpose anyway DDDDD:

If I buy a yacht, will it sail to wherever I desire to be right now? ;_______;

jarrodis:<br /><br />吞噬 (by 世上沒有另一個D)<br />
It's so pretty right? ♥ 

okay okay I get it, this is not exactly a yacht >_> But still. D:.
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beautiful duo; TVXQ!
11 July 2010 @ 03:52 pm

Okay, this is not even a rant. Just something to get out of my chest.

Since when did Yunho and Ara get so close to each other? To the point where she could get to go to his HTTG premium event and Michael Jackson tribute concert and that jaechunsu can't? Why do I see so many people pairing him and ara together nowadays. Totally putting me off, ugh.

gtfo if  you ship yunra, cause call me biased or whatever, but,


Back off girl.

beautiful duo; TVXQ!
27 March 2010 @ 12:15 am

Cause I love dongbang. And oh yeah, I don't give a fuck you say.

You think  that something like that is gonna hurt me but its totally not happening, not in a million lightyears long enough for you to live long enough to see it anyway.     

But sometimes it hurts too. I need your strength, yunjaeyoosumin-ah, to pull through this.

The faith, is so important. TVXQ yongwonhi

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beautiful duo; TVXQ!
30 June 2009 @ 11:38 pm
Hmm, you know the channel 8 show right, the ones with alot of people from different nationalities coming to learn chinese? I just realised that the girl with the korean nationality's name is kimchi and the japanese girl's is wasabi. o__o  ...that totally made me hungry lol. Food, you can be my alter ego like you are to changmin XD

I don't know, these days, I can tend to be very emotional when something triggers my tears. I feel depressed and sad over even the smallest things like wtfff. I just hope people wouldn't misunderstand why I don't feel like talking and getting engaged in conversations, partly because 82385 of the times now I am staring into blank space. D8.

anw, I really hoping that dongbang's tokyo dome concert will be a huuuuge success, then if they're happy, I will be happy too ♥ omggg so excited :D ( and I'm not even there so idk why I'm so hyped but yes.)

행복 + 사랑 = 동방신기

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